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Fund Raising Opportunities

To raise funds for CVHS choirs the schoolwide Booster Club is providing King Soopers cards. CVHS will receive 5% of all monies spent at King Soopers via re-loadable gift cards.  The cards are available at the front office - see Jennifer Frost to get your card.  The Loaf and Jug/City Market gas station right at the entrance to the Meadows works too.   We all know that money adds up fast.

Here are the details:

•Cards cost $5 each ($5 is pre-loaded on the card – so cost is actually $0)

•Purchaser may designate sport/club they would like to receive the 5% rebate.

To Use:

•Load $$ onto your card at Customer Service desk at King Soopers – use the card to pay for purchases at stores/gas stations.   You can use your Discover/Amex/Visa, etc… to put money on this card and 5% comes back to us.

•Sabercat Fund receives 5% of all purchases!  You can still use your King Sooper club card and coupons – just pay for purchases with your CVHS issued card. 

•Your designated account will be credited the 5% as we receive the rebate checks!

•It’s EASY!  And it doesn’t cost anything! – Everyone buys groceries and gas.  Get one for everyone in the family -  both parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents!


Sold during Valentine's season.


Song & Carnation - $3.00


Song & Rose - $5.00

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