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Voices of the Pride for your outstanding performance at the 2024 Colorado Music Educator's Association Clinic/Conference.

Upcoming Events

Spaghetti Dinner.png

August 10
Choir Retreat

Red Hot Mixed, Red Hot Treble, Versailles & Voices of the Pride

9:00 am
CV Choir Room

September 3 & 4
Spaghetti Dinner Workshops

Versailles & Voices of the Pride

6:00/7:00 pm
CV Choir Room

September 11
Spaghetti Dinner

Versailles & Voices of the Pride

6:00 pm
CV Commons

Spaghetti Dinner.png

Ocotber 8
Fall Choir Concert

All Choirs

7:00 pm
CV Theatre

October 23
CV Area Choir Feeder Festival

Red Hot Mixed, Versailles
& Voices of the Pride

7:00 pm
CV Gym


2024 Colorado All State Choir
Abby Dalton
Nolan Farrar
Danny George
Michelle Hicks
Bella Lanier
Abygail Mayberry
Luke Miller
Emma Parrish
Joryn Peoples
Owen Rumans
Luke Rust
Madi Young
Zach Young

2024 Colorado All State Jazz Choir
Danny George
Michelle Hicks
Bella Lanier
Luke Miller
James Stanley
Madi Young

2024 Continental League Honor Choir
Miles Archibald
Daniel Bardell
Ezra Bersagel-Briese
Roxie Capps
Allison Crouch
Ben Fisher
Izabella Gatewood
Berlin Huber
Andrew Jacobsen
Emma King
Grady Londagin
Jessa Reese
Holly Simons
Annika Visser

Colorado Music Educators Association Clinic/Conference Performances
Mirinesse - 2018
Red Hot - 2019
Saber8 - 2023
Versailles - 2011, 2014, 2017 & 2022
Voices of the Pride - 2013, 2018 & 2024

CHSAA Large Group Festival
I Rating (Superior)

Mirinesse - 2016-2019
Versailles - 2012-2019
Voices of the Pride - 2012-2019

UNC Jazz Festival 
I Rating (Superior)

Red Hot - 2018-2019

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